Welcome BOREX, a members only trading platform for members of the 1B1R Tokenomy Merchant Club (1B1R Club)

BOREX, a members only trading platform for members of the One Belt One Road Tokenomy Merchant Club (1B1R Club).

Although global trade and other businesses are booming. But the main cons of e-commerce are their high competitiveness among their competitors, low trust and support of their own community, mainly rely on low prices to attract customers, and low deal rate.

​The establishment of 1B1R Tokenomy Merchant Club is to solve these problems. A shared economic ecosystem which adheres to a win-win situation with institutions in various fields is formed to build a blockchain industry infrastructure with various ecological partners.

The goal is to build a standardized, complete and healthy economy which values the relationship between its ecology and consumers. Ultimately achieving a sustainable and stable development of the current social economy on the basis of ecological balance.

The research and development of 1B1R token’s trading platform constantly accelerate the development of blockchain technology publicly and promote the development of blockchain applications to serve the society and business development. Moreover, the innovation of MLT token trading channel for users to trade with ease. 1B1R token’s trading platform applies system maturity in terms of technologies, securities, stabilities and efficiency a part of the platform’s objective. There will be more offers will be introduced to users to bring the trading platform to another level in the future.

Many of Wienchain Assets are listed in this exchange. There are also WEN paired and MLT paired trading areas.

For more information on becoming members and to join the exchange, please visit their website: https://www.borexpro.com/