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The moving towards token economy

One Belt One Road (1B1R) Tokenomy Merchant Club realized that in a digital, consumer-driven economy, speed will be the most important factor to achieve success. Due to the continuous changes on the economic regime, rapid decision-making and strong execution to adapt on the changes will become the core of future business strategies. By adapting to economic flattening and digital transformation, business will be able to overtake its competitors on a global scale.

Economy, ecology, and consumers are related to each other, and they are combined to form an economic ecosystem, which revolves around the interaction between human economic activities and natural ecology.

The primary purpose is to promote the sustainable and stable development of the social economy based on ecological balance.

Consumers are the largest supplier of economic resources, injecting consumer feedback (loyalty rewards) into the economic ecosystem, safeguarding consumer interests, and giving the greatest feedback (rewards) assistance.

This will stimulate consumers to increase their continuity and trust in consumption, continue to contribute to the world economy, and allow the human ecosystem to maintain a balanced cycle.

It is exactly this type of incubation projects that would benefit Wienchain in the long term. Therefore, we would encourage more traditional businesses to adapt blockchain technology with the use of Wienchain to enhance their competitiveness especially in this pandemic time.

For more information about One Belt One Road (1B1R) Tokenomy Merchant Club please visit their website: https://en.1b1rclub.org/