The Problem Wienchain Solves

Raising money for a new business is not an easy task. In fact, it’s quite difficult as the need for funds is often required right at the very beginning before a company has even begun. At this stage, with only a concept, maybe a minimum viable product or a few users, a project still has everything to prove.

There are multiple ways to raise money that very much differ from each other. In the past, projects mostly had to acquire required funds from banks, private investors or public funds. Each of those channels came with advantages and disadvantages, creating a tradeoff situation for the entrepreneur, In most cases, serious compromises had to be made, for example trading away equity to receive funding.

WIENCHAIN is creating a new form of inclusive and fair win-win economy for all its stakeholders. We believe that enabling people to work, collaborate and earn money is one of the single best use cases for blockchain technology.

Some of WIENCHAIN’s key platform features.

  • Everyone can ask for funding by creating a proposal in the WIENCHAIN proposal system following a few simple steps. The process is simple, fast and easy to understand.
  • Instead of forcing everyone into a one-size-fits-all form, entrepreneurs can decide how to pitch their idea. The community decides which one will receive funding.
  • Businesses can receive funding extremely fast. Every 30 days funds are paid out and a new proposal cycle starts.
  • It is on the entrepreneurs to tell the community about their progress which is especially relevant as entrepreneurs can ask for funding over an extended period of time (up to 24 months). The community can up- or downvote a project at any time. Making sure projects progress can be reviewed by the community before receiving additional funding.

In short, WIENCHAIN makes funding easy! Our funding system not only cuts out the investing middleman it also takes away the paperwork, technical burden, equity considerations.

We believe that a new age of business funding is upon us and we are proud to be standing at the forefront, providing value for countless businesses around the world.