About our Wienchain DAO

Wienchain is approaching the concept of DAOs from a user-centric perspective. Our major goal is to create value for people and align incentives for all stakeholders. We are looking at creating a new form of organization that can provide new options, solutions and innovative answers to a variety of ubiquitous trends in modern society such as the increasing numbers of digital jobs, liquid careers, global teamwork, project-based, self-determined office hours or even career limitations based on your nationality. 

We enable the future of work and collaboration

Weinchain is innovating work and collaboration through our DAO. To understand how it works, we will compare it to a traditional form of centralized, hierarchical, top-down organization. 

  • Overall process and participation: With a centralized organization, the processes and job interviews aren’t transparent. Wienchain DAO has open participation based on rules written in code. Transparency is one of our highest values. 
  • Globalization of an organization: Traditional organizations usually employ teams based on a certain location, with DAO, organizations can have decentralized global teams contributing from all around the globe.
  • Flexible work schedule: You don’t need to report to an office from 9 am-5 pm, Mondays to Fridays. You can now work in your own social networks on your own schedule. 
  • Clear distribution of funds: Our DAO will allow an open and transparent distribution and pitching for funds compared to traditional organizations that have opaque salary distribution with low salaries at the bottom and high salaries on the top of a company’s hierarchy.
  • Fair distribution of powers: Decision powers within traditional organizations are distributed within fixed top-down job positions. For DAOs, trust and decision powers are based on established rules. 
  • Power to choose any job: With Wienchain DAOs, you will have the mindset of creating your own job rather than doing your job bounded by job descriptions. 

Stakeholders in the Wienchain DAO

There are three core stakeholders in the Weinchain DAO: miners, proposal owners, and master nodes. Meanwhile, there are three related stakeholders: WIEN community members, experts and delegates, and all potential WIEN users. Let’s take a look at these stakeholders:

  • Miners: Miners play an important role in ensuring the function of the process in any blockchain. Miners must be able to provide computing power to the specific blockchain to create a hash of a block of transactions. Our miners will be rewarded 21% of newly minted WIEN coins. To be a WIEN coin miner, check out this page
  • Proposal owners: One key feature of many DAOs is that anyone can propose an idea within a defined proposal or governance system. In Wienchain, these proposal owners are key value drivers as our main purpose is to fund successful businesses. Proposal owners are funded with up to 30% of newly minted coins. 
  • Masternodes: Masternodes also ensures the data integrity by validating the transactions in a blockchain but unlike miners, they have a governing function within the system. Apart from these technical functions, Masternodes are the decision-makers in the WIEN proposal system, having the right to vote for or against a proposal. They can even abstain from voting. Masternodes are rewarded with 49% of newly minted WIEN coins. Become a Masternode here.

For the related stockholders: WIEN community members, experts and delegates, and all potential WIEN users, their role is planned for future releases and would not yet be available once the governance system launches. We will discuss their roles in the coming future. 

Wienchain DAO

In summary, Wienchain DAO aims to decentralize traditional organizations giving you the freedom of work and collaboration. Next week we take a deep dive into the Wienchain proposal system!

In the meantime, we encourage you to join our fast-growing community.